When an old love returns and a new one arrives


They say it’s what makes the world go round. I think it’s the sun’s gravitational pull that makes the earth spin but I guess that’s just me.
Whatever love is, one thing’s for sure though.. Everybody needs it.

Question is, from whom?

We have that person in our lives whom we loved so much, would do anything for and they just crushed our heart to pieces. We want them back and if they don’t, we move on.
But what if you were on the verge of moving on, met someone new and that’s when they come back? Great timing!

Do we go back to the love that we knew? Or take a risk with someone new?


They know you. You know them. Well, until they broke your heart and treated you like crap (I sound so bitter. Excuse me). There’s so much history and so many lovely memories. You know you still love the person and you still hope that things will return to the way they were. You continue to hope that things will play out the way it should after the pause.

What if it doesn’t?


They give you the butterflies. Oh, the sweet giddy feeling you get when you get a text from them. You learn something new about them everyday and you just want to know more. You don’t love them yet, no. But you know it’s not hard to get there. If you do become a couple, will it last? Or will it end with another heartbreak?


This isn’t the part where I give you the answers. I wish I could but I can’t.
I just might be as clueless as you are.
We all have these questions in mind. We even get to the point where we list the pros and cons or simply toss a coin to decide.

Life is full of surprises that sometimes it knocks you off your feet and it’s not even funny.
Whatever decision we make, it affects our future and that’s where the pressure comes in.


Whatever we decide to do, let’s learn to be happy. No regrets. Just lessons.
I know it’s not what you wanted to read but hey, if you do have the answers, let me know…

I’m not really helping am I? :p

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