CheZ ToztAr on a SaturDay night!


Enough said. You can’t just stay home and sulk, right?

One of my friends will be going to the states in 2 days and we can’t let her go without saying goodbye and bond before she leaves.

Best way to do that? Over dinner.

And the Restaurant of choice for tonight was….. Drumroll please..
Chez Toztar “House of Roast”!

Chez Toztar is this cozy place in the middle of the City.
It’s not just accessible, the food is really scrumptious!
Every single dish I tasted is a blast of flavor and texture in my mouth.

The best part? They grow their own vegetables and spices.
Organic, Healthy and fresh!

I don’t have the full menu… You just have to check the place out yourself.
Better, right?


And here’s what you’ve all been waiting for…
Our orders!!!

Exotic Green Tea salad- P 140
I know it doesn’t look presentable now but believe me, it was before we stuck our forks into it. hehe
Very light yet full of flavors.
Vegetables used in this salad was handpicked from their own garden which you can see before you enter the restaurant. Know any restaurants like that in Cebu?
Seafoods, yes. Vegetables and spices, not much.
Which makes this restaurant quite unique.

Mozzarella Sticks- P168/ 8 pieces.

Really good appetizer and hands down, the best mozzarella sticks I have tasted…. so far.


American Pork Steak- P188

The Steak was not as soft as I wanted it to be, but hey, it wasn’t my order and my friend seems to love it. I love the sauce though and the serving is really generous as you can see.


Tilapia in Hot Butter Basil- P 199

This is now my favorite dish. The spice really hits the spot!
Spicy fish? Cmon! It’s soooo good! (I’m a sucker for spicy food)
I will definitely order this next time.


Chicken Cordon Bleu – P 188
This used to be my favorite before I discovered the Tilapia. Hehe
There’s just something about the sauce that completes the dish.
Chez Toztar is really big on sauces. I believe it’s their strongest point when it comes to their food. But that’s just my opinion.

And the owner/chief is very hands on which is a big plus for me. 🙂
Great food, great place, amazing company = one great night!

For more details, check out their page at

Pole Dancing to Hit Cebu!


Cebu will have it’s first pole dancing classes…
God does answer prayers!

People may have bad impression when it comes to pole dancing especially when we know where they are usually being used. (wink wink)
But obviously, people are more mature now since they are embracing it.
And how I love them for embracing it…

Gold’s Gym will hold the launching of the 1st Pole Dancing in Cebu, today!
March 16, 2013 at the Atrium of J Centre Mall at 6:30pm.
You don’t need the details from me. It’s all in the poster.


Pole Dancing is just like any Gym Session.
It helps you burn calories as much as 250! And it helps build muscles and tones.
You get to have fun while you get fit!
And ladies, we’ll look real sexy while doing it too!

Who can argue with that?
Count me in!



This is a tale of today’s adventure. Spent at a hospital.. (too obvious?)
I know, lame name. But I like it!

So, our tale starts at 9pm where I was seated on my working chair, laptop in hand and ready to work for tonight’s shift.
Now I live with my cousin and her “hobby” this week is taking a bath with milk.
That’s right people. Milk.

As a Filipina, I guess she wanted to look fairer while I always want to be tan (my skin is fairer than hers by the way). People. Never satisfied, huh?

Anyway, so she took her time in the shower about an hour and a half with her milk bath.
Satisfied, she went to bed.

I was on my headset listening to music while I was working with prices, checking suppliers and their contacts and whatnot.


I needed a drink so of course, I took off my headset when……
I heard the softest voice saying “Ling…”  (I’m called Darling by my family…)
Calling ignored. I thought it was the radio or a cat.
It was 2 in the morning.. cmon!

Then I heard it again…. “Ling…”
I heard myself say… “Please don’t let it be a ghost..”
And then a 3rd time…. “Ling…”

It was my cousin calling out for me. I opened her door and there she was, in so much pain that she can barely walk. (I know it’s not funny……. yet.)
It turned out, she has been calling out for me for the last 20mins.
Thank you headset. tsk.

So as a Nurse by profession, I did everything I could.
Administered pain reliever, warm compress (stopped in fear of making it worse if its appendicitis), positioning and everything else I could think of.
Yet her pain scale was 9. That’s high.

And so, we called her boyfriend… well, ex-boyfriend (they’re cool) to come and bring her to the hospital.

Ex- Boyfriend arrives….
Cousin too weak to stand up..
Piggy-back ride.
(you get the idea)

So wobbly walk (due to difficult stairway and weight) and many sweats after, we finally got to the hospital.

The Funny part?
As we helped her up on the hospital bed, she looked at us and said…
“I think I’m okay now. The pain’s gone…”


After the slight panic, the sweat and wobbly walk..
Her ex-boyfriend and I looked at each other and laughed..

3am people. 3am.

According to my cousin, her pain feared the hospital and it fled. hahaha

I told you everyday is an adventure, right?
So today, this was ours… 🙂

And this is how she looked at the hospital…


Thanks Cuz for the adrenaline rush at 2am…

Till the next adventure everyone! 🙂

– Negative pregnancy test
– U/A will be determined tom. 🙂