Balamban Liempo in Cebu…


Cebu is well known for its tasty lechon.

Lechon is a roasted whole pig or piglet.

Now, Liempo is a boneless cut of fatty meat from the underside of a pig and according to them, Liempo is tastier than lechon. Well, specifically BALAMBAN LIEMPO. 

Of course we already had liempos in Cebu but Balamban Liempo was special… somehow.
First, it cost more… Like P50 more. (That’s a hint right there)
Each serving will cost you P180 but it’s good for 3-4 people.

We found out that what made it special was the spices used.
I don’t know what they are so don’t bother asking me. I just eat the thing..

Because of the spices, it’s really good! I should know, it’s my favorite liempo.

By the way, Balamban is a place in Cebu.. A municipality really.

I was so curious why it was called Balamban Liempo that along with a good friend of mine; Sherwin, actually went to Balamban just to taste an authentic “Balamban Liempo”!
(13.59 Miles/ 21.87 Km.)

Yup! I’ll go through great lengths just for food, in this case, great distance.

This is why it’s called FOOD TRIP.
You actually go on a trip just to get some food. haha

So to compare, Here you go!

Balamban Liempo sold in Cebu:


I know, right?? It looks sooo good!
And it taste good too!

I had really high hopes for the authentic liempo in Balamban..
So 1.5 hrs after…..



It looked the same but the taste? Not so good.
It’s P20 pesos cheaper though…

It’s a little disappointing.

I mean, it’s called Balamban Liempo for crying out loud!
Yet the Balamban Liempo sold in Cebu taste better than the Balamban Liempo sold in Balamban! hahaha
Go figure.

But that’s okay though. I just really had to know…
Question answered. Problem solved.
Tummy full. 🙂

Finding Serenity in Naval, Biliran…


The word that comes to mind when I think of Naval, Biliran.


A small municipality in the province of Biliran, in the Eastern Visayas Region.
Serene, peaceful and relaxing. That’s what Naval is to me.


I was born and raised in the city so I’m a natural coffee addict-fast-paced city girl.
But we all need rest sometimes. We need to stop and enjoy life and what it has to offer..

A little too serious write up for me? Nah. I’m unpredictable this way.. (*wink)

Seriously, after all the work we do in the city, we need a place just to be quiet and put our minds at ease.

I found the perfect place, yes.
Unfortunately, during my last visit, my mind wasn’t at ease at all since my job as an event organizer brought me to this place. My brains was full of “To do’s” and schedules.. But this wasn’t my first trip to this place.

Naval has a special place in my heart not just because of the agricultural beauty that it offers but because of it’s people. The people makes the place, I say. And the people are just beautiful creatures just like its scenes.

Very helpful, welcoming and smiling Navaleños….
I may not have enjoyed the place as much as I wanted to because of the wedding but I will definitely come back (for the 10th time) soon…

But for those of you who wants to visit, here you go:


By Air: 

You would be flying from wherever you are to Tacloban airport and from there, you can take the van (Duptours or Van-Van’s)
Fare: P130
(2.5-3hr ride)

By Sea:
via Supercat 
Cebu to Ormoc – P760
   (3-hr ride)
Free JD van ride going to Naval (make sure you ask for the free ride in the terminal before you board)
(2-hr ride)

Check Schedule at

For Naval to Cebu, same route.
via Roble, the blessed stars

Economy: 430 PHP
Tourist: 530 PHP


CebuNaval: Saturday & Monday 9:00 PM – M/V Blessed Stars

NavalCebu: Sunday & Tuesday 9:00PM – M/V Blessed Stars
(10-hr ride)


Places you can stay at:

There are a number of hotels and pensionne houses that you can try but these two are my recommendations.

Marvin’s seaside inn:

And a budget hotel: GV hotel 
check out their rooms at

Other places:

Biliran Garden Resort
Villa Cecilia Sitio, Lomboy Barangay Calumpang, Naval, Biliran
(+6353) 500-9232 / (+63921) 983-7936

Brigida Tourist Inn
Castin Street, Naval, Biliran
(+6353) 500-9375

Barangay Catmon, Naval, Biliran
(+63918) 608-3499

Higatangan Beach Resort
Higatangan Island, Naval, Biliran
(+63927) 697-9804 / (+63905) 262-2010

Jimmy’s House
Agta Beach, VRC Resort, Biliran, Biliran
(+63916) 466-5809

M and M Inn
Biliran Town, Biliran 
(+63920) 393-0162 / (+63921) 200-4536 / (+63949) 717-5182

And of course, we have the places to visit.. yey!


Samabaun Beach,
Banderahan Beach
Cogon Beach
Candol Beach

Dalutan Island
Maripipi Island
Higatangan Island
Tingkasan Island
Sambawan Island
Genuruan Island
Capinahan Island

Tomalistis Falls
Kasabangan Falls
Kinaraha Cascades
Pundol Falls
Pulang Yuta Falls
Busai Falls
Tigbaw Falls
Tinago Falls
Ulan Ulan Falls
Casiawan Waterfalls


Masagongsong Swimming Pool
San Bernardino Swimming Pool
Libtong Hotspring
Mainit Hotspring

Alot of falls, huh? That’s what makes the place so beautiful.
There are waterfalls in places that you don’t expect.

So for your next trip, try Naval Biliran and let me know what you think.. 🙂