Cleveland. Not the city.

Cleveland. The City? I wish!

But nope, I’m talking about The Cleveland show.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen… That’s for today’s adventure.
Give me a break. I’m off duty.

So what better way to spend that day off (after all the chores and errands)
but to watch….
drumroll please…..
THE CLEVELAND SHOW! but I just call him the black Peter Griffin.

I like how they made a show specially for him. It clicked.
I mean, if it was Joe, it would be an action cartoon and I’d feel bad laughing because of his condition.
If it was Glenn (yup, we’re on a first name basis now), then it will just be a rape show. It will be like the criminal minds but the unsub is Quagmire. hahaha

So I believe they made a right decision choosing Cleveland.

So let’s check the characters (just the main ones).

Cleveland Brown – the main character, (the show is named after him after all). Generally nice guy and quite a unique laugh (reminds me of Mandark in Dexter’s lab). He spend most nights at a bar named The Broken Stool with his friends. We’ve got Lester the redneck, Tim the bear (yes, he’s a bear) and Holt the tall guy.. lol.

Donna Tubbs Brown – Cleveland’s second wife, hot momma (Tim’s crush) and has 2 biological children from her previous marriage.

Meet the children:

Cleveland Brown, Jr. – Cleveland’s son from his previous marriage. Really nice, which of course does not make him a cool guy at school. Or anywhere. And being obese does not help him either. But again, real nice kid.

Roberta Tubbs – 16-year old biological daughter of Donna from her first husband.
Teenager. So of course… attitude, attitude, attitude.

Montclair “Rallo” Tubbs – the 6-year old biological son of Donna’s. Cool kid. acts as his Father.

Didn’t want to bore you with details so that’s it for the characters.
And its fun seeing some characters from the family guy in this show too.
There’s a particular episode where Peter and his friends missed Cleveland but ended up recruiting another black guy instead to fill the void.
Try watching Season 8, Episode 7 : Jerome is the new black.
Fun stuff.

Here are a few fun facts for the show: I mean who wouldn’t want this right?

In Season 2, Episode 20: Back to cool
– Shortly after Robert mentions that Junior taught him Morse code, Junior says “Dot-dot-dash-dot, dot-dash, dot-dash-dot, dash.” This translates to “fart.”

Season 1, Episode 17: Gone with the wind

-in this episode it was shown that Loretta died from falling from the bathroom of Cleveland’s old house. However, in the Family Guy episode “Spies Reminiscent of Us”, Cleveland’s house had no inhabitants after he left.

Season 4, Episode 8: Wide world of Cleveland
– In the Germany-segment, most of the dialogue is gibberish, with some real words mixed in; only three lines are real German.

Season 3, Episode 15: The Men in me
– The song “baby” was used by Justin Bieber.
uhmmmmm…. sorry about this fact.
(facts are by

Everyday is an adventure… so this is my adventure today.
To go into the realm of cartoons with sexy yet funny anecdotes and punchlines. hehe

So if you want to be lazy and have a good laugh, watch The Cleveland show.
But don’t turn your back on the Family Guy. Still one of the best PG cartoons out there.

And of course, who would forget a classic?? 🙂