Killing Boredom is Not Murder….


We all have those moments.
Even with all the social sites (another food picture?)
and online games (my hero is so going to die this round), we still get bored.
Well, I do.

I’ve tried almost everything to kill boredom.


And here is my top 10 list:

10. Read
– Get lost in a book. Get swept off your feet by a Knight in the Medieval period with the classics, scare yourself silly with a Stephen King or simply solve a case with Alex Cross. Leave boredom and create a new world inside your mind…

9. Music Trip
– Listen to your already compiled playlist or get new tunes to stay hip. (do people still say hip these days? lol)

8. Write
– You. Me. Blog. Enough said.

7. Clean your drawer 
– Or better yet, you’re entire room! You’re bored, what else can you do??

6. Cook a Meal
– New dish, wine, soft music… We need to have a few dates with ourselves too, you know.

5. Make a goal list/ to do list

– # 1: Get out of this boredom

4. Watch a movie you haven’t seen
– Or if you’re too bored, watch an old movie that you enjoy and say the lines together with the characters. Everyone has that movie where they have memorized almost all of the lines to. Yes, you have one too.

3. Dance
– Nothing beats beating a boredom while swaying to a beat…
You know what I mean.

2. Work-out
– Hey, it’s the best time to get fit— when you’re bored!
Besides, if you get too tired, there are 9 more things on this list that you can do..

1. Sleep
– Nothing makes the time move faster than when you’re sleeping. When you wake up and you find yourself in the state of boredom again, just go back to sleep. It’s that easy!

But seriously, we really need to get off our arses and get a life to prevent boredom..
Get out and try something new for a change…

Go for social life, not social sites! (patented by me) lol.

Exercise? DaNce it Up!


The word that keeps calling my name and I keep running away from.
Don’t act so innocent.. I know we’re on the same page.

Weight-related goals make up 34% of people’s New year’s resolution.
Personally, that’s on my list every single year and would last for about a week. That’s long enough… i think.

Anyway, I found a simple formula for losing weight. Since I don’t really like counting calories or writing down what I eat every single second, I live by the rule…


But somehow, I keep interchanging the two.. (innocent look).

Since I’m not into exercise, I need to find another way to lose weight while having fun.

So here’s my list.

1. Dancing
I have always been dancing since I can remember. From kindergarten until now. I wasn’t blessed with a dancer’s body but that never stopped me though. Dancing is an expression of you who are. It’s not about the body, it’s about the talent. oh yeah!

Check out this girl from “So you think you can dance.” TV show.
She is an inspiration.

(watched it after pasting the link)
Hmmm… I was suppose to make a list of fun exercises.
But after seeing that video (teary-eyed by the way), scratch that. I’ve decided to make this a blog about dancing.

I was also told that Dancing isn’t for me because of my figure.
I proved them wrong. But sometimes, it still stings, you know?
But I guess that’s how it is if you are passionate about something.
You get persecuted for it. You know why that is?

I believe that people do that because they are not brave enough to do what they love the most and it hurts them seeing people despite everything, doing something that they are passionate about..
I don’t know. That’s what I think anyway. (I’m serious too sometimes…)

Since I run my own business and have a part-time online job, I don’t get to dance that much.


For all you dance lover’s out there, you can try these out:

1. Zumba– upbeat music, fun steps, colorful theme and clothing. No need to worry about the steps since it will be provided for you. There other dances out there too. If you would opt for a sexier and laid back dancing, you can try Tiffany Rothe videos. They’re designed to bring out the sexy vixen in you!

2. Follow choreographs– One of my favorite things to do is follow choreography as if I was in the studio with the dancers.
One of my favorites is Jasmin Meakin; she’s 36 years old but she still got it!
Video length is an average of 2-3mins but since you will still be trying to copy their moves (not tutorial videos), it might take you 15-20mins to learn them.
(Thank you Pause button!) So you will really be sweating it out.

3. Do your own thing– all you need is an MP3 and yourself!
You can choose the music and no specific clothing requirement. The best part? you can do this practically anywhere and anytime. At home or on vacation, Alone or with friends, you name it!
Easy access to the beats that you want to have your groove on..

You know what, I’m going to go dance right now and have fun while sweatin’ it!
And based on experience, dancing really helps you lose weight. Let’s not make our schedules an excuse not to take care of ourselves and have fun…

Let me leave you with this..

“Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.”
― George Carlin

So, DANCE IT UP!!! 🙂