It’s not 2013’s fault!


Wow. How time flies. 

We all have our ups and downs in 2013… Some trials are worse than others.
And you are nodding your head right now agreeing with me.. 
But if you haven’t noticed, that happens every year. EVERY SINGLE YEAR!
May it be a simple challenge or a disastrous one, we encounter it.


So it’s a little sad (and funny) when I see post like:
– 2014, please be good to me
– 2013, you were not a good friend, 2014 will be a better one..
and so on… 
What does the year have to do with anything?? 
Oh. I’m not just talking about the year. I see posts like that for months too..

January, please be good to me.
February, please be a better month..
March, you’ll be take care of me, right?

I’m dreading the moment when people will do it for days too..

January 1, you better be nice!
January 2, you did not start out great, do better!
January 3, will you be looking out for me?

The horror……. 

I didn’t know months and years have special powers to control our lives..
Look, I get it. But I feel like people (don’t look away if you’re guilty. Read on my friend..) is just looking for someone, well in this case, something to blame their misfortunes to. An innocent month (or year), accused of being bad because of what happens to a human being..
Sad, don’t you think?
It’s a month (or year)! It’s a made up name from centuries ago… It’s not a living thing!
People, please stop acting like it has imaginary blood flowing through it’s imaginary veins…

Start the year right. Don’t blame 2013. It does not control what happens to you.
But YOU do. Take control and take responsibility for your life. 
Know that life can and will be better if you stop blaming innocent months ( and year for this matter ) :p
Make your 2014 better. Make it count.

I always say… “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me…” 


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