Carrie Bradshaw in the making?

Carrie Bradshaw.


The high-heeled walking, fashion forward sex advisor of the TV series Sex and the City. She has been sashaying our screens for years.
She has influenced women around the globe in many different ways. From loving fashion to being independent to adoring those awesome Manolos, she has touched our lives one way or another.

I love writing, always have. But she made me love it more. Who wouldn’t want her life? Published author, telling people what to do in the sack? C’mon!
Not to mention the clothes, great friends and Mr. Big! Woah!

So I have been writing since I can remember but it has always been for myself.
That’s the good thing about writing, you can express yourself without hurting other people unless you let them read your stories where they are the main character and the villain too! (yikes!)

So l tried blogging late last year, not really caring who would read it because I already have a #1 Fan. Thank God for boyfriends,right?

And this year, I applied in a writing company. I thought it might be easy; not knowing that our articles will be sent to the clients and will be approved by them.
I really didn’t know why I didn’t think of that. Of course the clients will approve it first!

Now I’m a self-proclaimed funny girl. Well, in my writing anyway and my boyfriend does laugh. On the inside.
Articles are usually formal, very straight to the point and quite the textbook type of writing.
My style is quite different as you can read.
So after I sent in 2 of my articles and realized the approval process, I think I had a mini attack.
The kind of attack that you can hardly breathe and you just want to cover yourself with a blanket, stay home forever and not talk to any living creature. That heart attack.

3 days passed and still no word.
My 2nd mini heart attack was when I saw the list of writers who were waiting for the approval and the pink highlight was screaming on my screen with the words “REJECTED”. Mini Heart Attack. Oh, it wasn’t me but the word rejected was enough to make me squirm.

My moment of truth.
This morning, I received an email from one of the administrators, 3rd mini attack?
Almost; but then I saw the words “Good News!” Well, you know how it ends.
The clients actually like my style! Good thing they have a sense of humor, huh?

So yes, I am now a professional (getting paid for what you do) writer.
Okay, maybe not quite yet but I’m getting there.
I’m just so blessed to be doing something that I love and earning at the same time.
The best part is, I can write and still organize events because I own my time. Wicked awesome!
So Carrie Bradshaw, thank you for giving people sex advise. That’s all I’m thankful for. lol

So let’s go out there and chase our dreams. I’m telling you, it’s never too late… 🙂

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