Silent April, not-so-silent May….


Yes, Silent April. It was my birth month and I wanted to shut my trap.
Mission accomplished then, huh?

But… since it’s May, I may not be too quiet this time.
Yes folks, I’m back!
Packed with undeniable wit and fascinating pizzaz!
Please, Humor me. hahaha

Well, the good thing about my silence for a month is that I was able to collect a lot of adventure stories and I can’t wait to share them all with you…

It’s summer, it’s hot, I believe I am too (it’s my blog.. so please.. ), not as hot as the Miami Heat though…
I guess that’s another topic for another day.

But seriously, I had my own struggles for April.
I wanted to stop blogging. Such a drama queen I am…
But then, this amazing thing happened…

I think about 3 weeks into my silence, 1 amazing blogger liked my post. I’m a big fan so imagine my shock when I saw that.

Let me walk you though that moment…
Me, opening wordpress not expecting any notifications just new post from my beloved fellow bloggers.
But when I opened it, the star for the notification was shining like a dream (like I said, drama queen)
And when I opened it, it was Lesley Carter of (a big fan)
So there I was, just staring at my monitor for what felt like forever or maybe 10 secs.

And then I cried. Tears was just flowing out. I was so touched by a simple like.
Billions of people around the world and she found her way through my blog.
I guess it’s different when it comes from someone that you admire or look up to.
And because of that, I will continue writing.
Not for anybody else, but for myself…

So goodbye silent April and Hello not-so-silent May…

I won’t give up writing… You guys won’t be able to get rid of me that easy. ;p


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