Balamban Liempo in Cebu…


Cebu is well known for its tasty lechon.

Lechon is a roasted whole pig or piglet.

Now, Liempo is a boneless cut of fatty meat from the underside of a pig and according to them, Liempo is tastier than lechon. Well, specifically BALAMBAN LIEMPO. 

Of course we already had liempos in Cebu but Balamban Liempo was special… somehow.
First, it cost more… Like P50 more. (That’s a hint right there)
Each serving will cost you P180 but it’s good for 3-4 people.

We found out that what made it special was the spices used.
I don’t know what they are so don’t bother asking me. I just eat the thing..

Because of the spices, it’s really good! I should know, it’s my favorite liempo.

By the way, Balamban is a place in Cebu.. A municipality really.

I was so curious why it was called Balamban Liempo that along with a good friend of mine; Sherwin, actually went to Balamban just to taste an authentic “Balamban Liempo”!
(13.59 Miles/ 21.87 Km.)

Yup! I’ll go through great lengths just for food, in this case, great distance.

This is why it’s called FOOD TRIP.
You actually go on a trip just to get some food. haha

So to compare, Here you go!

Balamban Liempo sold in Cebu:


I know, right?? It looks sooo good!
And it taste good too!

I had really high hopes for the authentic liempo in Balamban..
So 1.5 hrs after…..



It looked the same but the taste? Not so good.
It’s P20 pesos cheaper though…

It’s a little disappointing.

I mean, it’s called Balamban Liempo for crying out loud!
Yet the Balamban Liempo sold in Cebu taste better than the Balamban Liempo sold in Balamban! hahaha
Go figure.

But that’s okay though. I just really had to know…
Question answered. Problem solved.
Tummy full. 🙂

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