Online Business can be your business…

Online Business.

From Facebook to multiply, more and more people are setting up their online businesses. And that’s a good thing.
Our generation is embracing the opportunity that technology is providing us and we are slowly shifting from the Employee mindset to an Employer mindset. (I admit, I read rich dad, poor dad.)

The Internet is giving us a big market. The whole world.
You really can’t get any bigger than that. Seriously.

I want in. Well, not now but someday (still in the works.)

But for those of you out there who wants to do an online business but does not know where to start, here are a few simple tips; not the serious-complete business plan-type of tips: (Maybe we’ll tackle that someday..)

1. Know what you want to sell
– you can’t sell something if you don’t know what it is.
Decide, study it, buy it or make it, however you get your products, then sell it. But don’t limit yourself to products alone. You can even sell your services and just post your portfolio on your page.
Yup, even blogging! 🙂
That brings us to…

2. Set up your page
– There are a wide variety of free sites that you can set it up to. Facebook is one example. They not only provide you a good site, they have even set-up a system on payments, invoices and etc. to help you with your business. Again, there are alot more sites out there that can help you out. Do research as well.

3. Market. Market. Market.
– Don’t be afraid to tell people that you’re selling something. You can’t sell something if no one knows about it. Selling is…. embarrassing sometimes.
Yes, I’ve been there. But you need to realize that when you go into business, you have to sell. If you don’t, then you’re just giving away your products/ services.

4.Good Customer service is Key

– Treat your costumers like gold. Yes, there are times that you just want to  pull your hair out due to annoyance and anger but please… grind your teeth and smile. I’m not saying that you allow them to piss you off. No. Call them out on their behavior in a NICE way.
The best advertising is through word of mouth so you really want to keep your costumers happy. Trust me.


5. Be true to your word and be honest
– Unfortunately, there are a few sellers (and buyers) out there who wants to see the world suffer (9gag phrase). If you’re serious about your business, then deliver what you have promised. It goes both ways for buyers but remember, you are the best model for your business which mean that your reputation is on the line. And ruining it is not worth a few dollars. You can always earn back money but integrity? Not sure when you get it back once you lose it. Maybe never.

6. Be excited!
– This may not be like the shops or boutiques in the mall but it is a start. And you even have the advantage, the whole world can visit your store anytime; not just during mall hours. You’ll earn money at the comfort of your own home.. cmon! That’s enough to get you excited.. And once you’re excited, the costumers will join you in that excitement.

and the last tip…

– If you’re a little OC like me when it comes to business where you need to make a business plan, marketing plan and all the plans in the world, it’s not going to get you anywhere until you actually do it. Don’t just plan it, execute. Just start.

There are alot of tips out there that can help you out.
Hope my simple ones will be of some service as well.

Let me know your progress and we’ll celebrate your success together.
Happy business everyone! 🙂

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