Wedding Bliss or Wedding Bust?


I’m an Event Organizer and I have this wedding coming up in March.

I have done quite a few company events which as of the moment is my specialty; from team building, to leadership training and all that. But of course, I want to be more creative so I’m entering the wedding scene (really need to be careful what we wish for).

At first, I was so excited and I had all these ideas especially since the wedding is a garden wedding at sunset. Cmon! That’s as romantic as holding hands while walking on the beach or watching the starry night together or eating a string of spaghetti till your lips meet… Like I said, It’s romantic.

We all know there’s a but.

The time of the wedding changed. So now, it will be a morning wedding.

From overly creative to a blank page. I’m talking about my brain by the way…

The wedding’s motif is fern green which was okay.. but now that it will be in the morning, all I can see is the grass.. the damn flowers will blend right in. Like grass.

Morning- no need for lights, so no light effects (sun is a natural light- of which I wish I can turn off..)
Morning- too hot (guests will be sweating like pigs in a microwave)
Morning- wanted to create a tunnel as entrance ala secret garden style (too dark for entrance and too bright for lights to be emphasized; so there goes that idea )

So you see why I’m stuck?

But thanks to google, I did find a few ideas.
And these websites are amazing too. Real unique.

Let me see here.. oh, here’s one:
* – a lot of ideas to choose from and the site can help any couple organize their wedding

And 2 more…

* – can find anything you’ll ever need. And you can check other websites as well through here

*– it’s martha stewart. What did you expect? hahaha

Sing to the tune of ghostbusters:

♪♫ When there are things to fix in the neighborhood.. who you gonna call? Martha Stewart!
If you made something weird, and it ain’t no good.. who you gonna call? Martha Stewart! ♪♫

I should really stop singing this… hahaha
But Martha Stewart, if you’re ever going to read this, I love you dude! ;p

Back to the topic…

I know I’ll do great. (Looking at the glass half-full) Guess I was just caught off guard when I needed to change almost all of my ideas. Thank God for Internet! hehe

You guyz think I should have just stuck to doing company events?
Well, I think this is worth a shot and we’ll see where it goes.

If the wedding is a disaster, I can always change my name and live in another country… no worries.

(compliments to for the picture)

Will update and show pictures soon of my successful/disastrous wedding…

Poor couple. Tsk.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. BubliBeauty
    Feb 16, 2013 @ 19:00:15

    Hahaha lovely post 🙂


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